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2015 International Exhibit Award Winners

Best of Show - Based on all Entries - Hannah Harrison

"Rococo Cockatiel" acrylic 2.625"x3.625

"Hussar Dog" acrylic 1.25"x1.75"

"Country Pig" acrylic 2.5"x3.875"

Americana Award
Beverly Fotheringham

"Thomas Jefferson, Truth Set in Stone II" mixed 2.875"x4.5"

Presidential Award
Alan Farrell

"Tied up at Southwdzd-UK" watercolor 3.75"x2.75"

Newbie Award
Frank Wengen

"Misdale Road Barn" watercolor 5"x3"

Newbie Award
Denise Horne-Kaplan

"Angus Calf, Spanky" pastel 3"x3.5"

Marquis Art & Frame
Diane Grant Czajkowski

"The Prince" watercolor 3"x3"

Marquis Art & Frame
Laureen Sabol

"Where are we Going" oil 3.75"x2.75

Mertie Lavish Award
Sponsored by Sue Hands Imagery (PA)
Melleroy Thompson

"Hope" watercolor 2.5"x5"

Whimsy Award
Nar Steel

"The Garden View" watercolor 4"x3"

Other Media Award
Mimi Hegler

"Reflections" aqua tint 4"x3"

Object Award
Carlene Earl

"Odeto A Cloud" oil 2.5"x3.5"

Printmaking Award
Viviane DeKosinsky

"Mirror Image" etching & watercolor 2.4"x3"

Still Life Award
Hilda Bordiano

"Still Life with Cherries" oil 2.5"x1.5

Landscape Award
Leslie Waxtel

"Almost Spring #3" watercolor 5"x3"

Waterscape Award
James F. Smith

"Foggy at Lincoln City" acrylic 4.75"x2.75"

Animal Award
Akiko Wataniabe

"Sunny Spot #2" acrylic 2.5"x3.5"

Animal Award
Jocqueline Mitchell Smith

"Richard III" watercolor 2.5" dia

Architecture Award
C Pamela Palco

"Scotney Castle-Kent" pastel 4.5"x3"

Fauna Award
Irene Goddu

"Window Dressing" watercolor 2.75"x4.5"

Color Award
Line Brunelle

"Prince Arthur Street in Montreal" acrylic 4"x3"

Fellowship Award
Paula Smith

"Retreat" watercolor 2"x2"

MainStreet Galleries Award
Sandra Leonard

"Shhhh... Listen" watercolor 3"x4.5"

Mertie Larish Award
Alexa Beretski

"Wish Upon a Star" watercolor .5"x5"

Fellowship Award
Carol A. Grice-Curran

"Formosas" oil 3.5"x3"

 Fellowshop Award
John Madden

"Ebenczer Khat" watercolor 1.75"x2.25"

International Award
Lyn Condon

"Love" mixed 2.125"x2.75

Excellence in Oil Award
Joyce Rowsell

"Trip on the Grnd Western Canal" oil 4"x3"

Excellence in Watercolor Award
Janice Knoll

"Mid Day Munch" watercolor 4"x3"

Excellence in Acrylics
Linda Rossin

"Fan Dancing" acrylic 5"x3"

Leonard's Truck Claims Service Inc. Award
Beverly Abbott

"Sunlit Lion" oil

Leonard's Truck Claims Service Inc. Award
Dawn Baraclough

"Panchito" oil

Judge #1 Award
Elizabeth A Brown

"Trees" oil 3"x4.25"

Judge #2 Award
Elaine Hahn

"What Are You Looking At" oil

Fellowship Award
Millie S. Shott

"Birch Tree" watercolor 3"x5"

Bette Search Memorial Award
Mary Serfass

"Tapestry" ink & color pencil 5"x3"

Landscape Award
Marion Winter

"Early Autumn in Bavaria" oil 4"x3"

Fellowshop Award
Anita Cox

"Kentucky Landscape" oil 2.5"x1.5"

Figural Award
Melissa Miller Nece

"Tidepool Play" color pencil 5"x3"

Fellowshop Award
Lena Leitzue

"Afternoon" arcylic 4.5"x3"

Johnston & Johnston Award
Michael Hockenbury

"Whatchamacallit" oil 3"x2.5"

Fellowship Award
Gail MacArgel

"The Convention" oil 5"x3"

Fellowship Award
Sue Wall

"Collabortors" acrylic 3.75"x2.625

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