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2014 International Exhibit Award Winners

Best of Show - Based on all Entries - Joyce Rowsell, England

"Days of Steam"

"King of the Road"

"Those Were the Days"

"Star of the Show"

Americana Award
Leslie Waxtel

"Beach Morning"

Presidential Award
Hanna Woodring

"Fixer Upper"

Newbie Award
Rosemary Hozempa

"New Begining"

Newbie Award
Hilda Bordianu

"Floppy Ears"

Excellence Award
Sponsored by Marquis Art & Frame
Melleray Thompson

"White Caps"

Excellence Award
Sponsored by Marquis Art & Frame
Sandy Leonard


Mertie Lavish Award
Sponsored by Sue Hands Imagery (PA)
Babetta Wenner

"Susan Marie II"

CPA Whimsy Award
Missy Lee Nenstiel

"Hello Operator"

CPA Figures Award
Kathy Pollak

"Summer Friends"

CPA Object Award
Lynn Condon


CPA Printmaking Award
Mimi Helger

"Field of Bales"

CPA Still Life Award
Gail MacArgel

"In May"

CPA Landscape Award
Marion Winter

"Old Castle Towers"

CPA Waterscape Award
Elaine Hahn

"Sunrise Glow"

CPA Color Award
Viviane DeKosinsky

"Play Ball"

CPA Animal Award
Judy Lalingo

"Before the Play"

CPA Architecture Award
Elizabeth Brown

"Cottage Beside the Stream"

CPA Floral Award
Beverly Fotheringham

"Vase De Fleurs II"

CPA Portrait Award
Wes Siegrist

"The Blacksmith"

Fellowship Award
Sponsor: Elizabeth Brown
Nar Steel

"Grapes and Roses"

Bette Search Memorial Award
Sponsor: Judy Panek
Akiko Watanabe

"Mr. Hercule"

 CPA Aviary Award
Carol Rockwell

"Lunch Time"

CPA International Award
Line Brunelle

"A walk on Montreals Oldest Street"

Best of Oil Media
Sponsor: Marion Winter
Beverly Abbott

"Crunching and Munching"

Best of Watercolor Media
Sponsor: Marion Winter
Rachelle Siegrist

"Sunlit Sentinel"

Best of Acrylic Media
Sponsor: Marion Winter
Linda Rossin


Leonard's Truck Claims Service Inc. Award
Alan Farrell


Leonard's Truck Claims Service Inc. Award
Mary Jensen

"Guarded Submission"

Judge #1 Award
Gunni Nilsson Price

"Harvest Time"

Judge #2 Award
Melissa Miller Nece

"Young Sculptress"

Johnston & Johnston Award
Sponsor: Ralph and Beverly Johnston
Lena Leitzke


Country Award
Sponsor: Art and Linda Ondish
Carol Grice-Curran

"Nestled in the Hills"

Leonard J. and Mary L Casey Memorial Award
Sponsor: Mainstreet Galleries
James Rogowski


Leonard J. and Mary L Casey Memorial Award
Sponsor: Mainstreet Galleries
Michael Hockenbury

"Fitting In"

CPA Ivorine Award
Judith Johnson

"Firenze-View from the Garden"

CPA Other Media Award
Mary Searfoss

"Fingals Moon"

Sue Hands Imagery Award
Alexa Carroll

"Come On In"

Marie Hewitt Rural Landscape Award
Sponsor: Babetta Wenner
Laureen Sabol

"The Pumpkin Patch"

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