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2013 International Exhibit Award Winners

Best of Show - Based on all Entries - Hannah Harrison

"Summer Bunny Smoking a Pipe"

"Spring Bunny Smoking a Pipe"

"Fall Bunny Smoking a Pipe"

"Winter Bunny Smoking a Pipe"

Americana Award
Mary Jansen

"Weathering the Storms"

Presidential Award
Joyce Rowsell

"Afternoon Sun"

Newbie Award
Kathy Pollak

"The Flower Market"

Newbie Award
Carol Grice-Curran

"Bamburgh Garden"

Excellence Award
Sponsored by Marquis Art & Frame
James Rogowski


Excellence Award
Sponsored by Marquis Art & Frame
Sandy Leonard


Mertie Lavish Award
Sponsored by Sue Hands Imagery (PA)
Ryan Erik Frania

"Lamp Post Base"

Whimsy Award
Viviane EeKosinsky

"The Tub"

Other Media Award
Melissa Miller Nece

"Casual Stroll"

Object Award
Wes Siegrist

"Low Country Fleet at Rest"

Printmaking Award
Mimi Helger


Still Life Award
Gail MacArgel


Landscape Award
Marion Winter

"Tasmanian Island"

Waterscape Award
James Smith

"Foggy Morning"

Animal Award
Akiko Wataniabe

"Beauty Sleep"

Animal Award
Carol Heiman-Greene

"The Crossing"

Architecture Award
Alan Farrell

"Calle DeLa Comare, Venice"

Floral Award
Elaine Hahn

"Rose and Bud"

Color Award
Linda Rossin

"Garden of Dreams"

Fellowship Award
Sponsor: Elizabeth Brown
C Pamela Palco

"The Sleeping Sentry"

Fellowship Award
Sponsor: Judy Panek
Elizabeth Brown

"Morning Waves"

 Aviary Award
Beverly Abbott

"Goldfinch's Pink Zinnia Perch"

International Award
Hannah Woodring

"The Red Vase"

Excellence in Oil Award
Janice Knoll

"Rusty Ride"

Excellence in Water Award
Carol Rockwell

"Under the Old Oak Tree"

Excellence in Acrylics
Wayne Chunat

"The Way Home"

Leonard's Truck Claims Service Inc. Award
Jennifer Robb Hall

"Lilting Luster"

Leonard's Truck Claims Service Inc. Award
Mary Serfass

"Three In Winter - Triptych"

Judge #1 Award
Beverly Fotheringham

"Rush Hour"

Judge #2 Award
Shirley Tabler

"Bag Lady"

VGOGH Gallery Award
Christine Sarcevic Verdgeline

"Cranes in Croatia"

VGOGH Gallery Award
Nicole DeLevan

"Ray of Sunshine"

VGOGH Gallery Award
Sabine Thomas

"Quilts Airing Out I"

VGOGH Gallery Award
Laureen Sabol

"Drats! You Caught Me"

VGogh Gallery Award
Jody Hadsall

"Peekaboo, Sterling PA"

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